February 25, 2018 : 

Chris Pumphrey, music for winds & strings

(featuring Chris Pumphrey, Jarret Gilgore, Sarah Hughes, Derrick Michales, John Dierker,

Zack Branch, Maeve Royce, and Alex Weber)


(Electric Counterpoint, by Steve Reich; Luminoso by Alexandra Gardner)


(Derrick Michaels, sax | Alex Webber, bass | Mike Kuhl, drums)


(Stephanie Ray, flutes | Peter Kibbe, cello | Jeremy Lyons, guitars | Lisa Perry, voice/piano)


December 10, 2017 :

Sam Bessen, Horn + Live Electronics

("Nisi" comp. Kevin Earnste, "Sculpture of a Horn Player: Drink More" comp. Briay Conditt)

Peter Kibbe, Cello + Electronics

("Stained Glass Morning" comp. Eugene Friesen, "Bloom" comp. Alexandra Gardner, "Khse Buon" comp. Chinary Ung)

Tee Tree Trio

(Improvisation for cello, auxiliary percussion, objects, prepared guitar, found sound, AM radio, electronics, & voice)

Headrest, experimental guitar duo

(Original Music)

October 10, 2017 :

Josh Dean and Murderboats

(Improvisation for circuit-modified keyboard & beat machine)

Allison M. Clendaniel, Voice

("Small Handful" comp. Gilda Lyons, "The Hypno-Domme Speaks and Speaks and Speaks" comp. Jason Charney)

Umbilicus, Percussion Quartet

("Single Stroke Roll Meditation" comp. Pauline Oliveros, "But what about the noise of crumpling paper" comp. John Cage)

Lavena Johanson, Cello & Voice

("The Beauty of the Protest" comp. Judah Adashi, "Tusuula" comp. Bryce Dessner)

July 30, 2017 :

Kyle Jones, saxophone, tape

("In The Garden of Love" comp. Jacob ter Veldhuis)

Dylan Schuman, trumpet, Anthony Staiti, guitar & electronics

(improv-based compositions)

Nataly Merezhuk, Ledah Finck, & Matt Andrews

(folk tunes for violins)

Asher Herzog, drums, percussion, Edwin Huet, live processing, kalimba, Christina Manceor, percussion

(Electro-acoustic Trio improvisation)

Adam Rosenblatt, drumset, motion sensors, electronics

("Laplace Tiger" comp. Alexander Schubert)

Alexander Schubert - "Laplace Tiger" p. Adam Rosenblatt

Dylan Schuman & Anthony Staiti

Asher Herzog, Edwin Huet, Christina Manceor - Electro-acoustic Improvisation

June 18, 2017 :

BJSM - Jon Burrier, drums & Sean McFarland, guitar Ft. David Mueller, guitar & electronics

(Trio Improvisation)

Tae Ho Hwang, saxophone, speech

("The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" comp. Kevin Clark)

TIlted Arc - Sophia Subbayya Vastek, keyboard & Sam Torres, electronics

(New original music)

Kate Amrine, Trumpet & Peggy Houng, Harp

("Ituri" for trumpet, harp & electronics (comp. Alexandra Gardner))

U.H.H.M. - Christopher Frick, keys, Nick Saia, guitar, Jack Naden, drums

(Original Trio Compositions: "Arrival" & "Frustrations")

U.H.H.M. - "Frustrations"

Alexandra Gardner - "Ituri" for trumpet, harp, & electronics pt. 1 (p. Kate Amrine & Peggy Houng)

U.H.H.M. - "Arrival"

Alexandra Gardner - "Ituri" for trumpet, harp, & electronics pt. 2 (p. Kate Amrine & Peggy Houng)

May 7, 2017 :

The Witches, Ledah Finck, violin & voice, Louna Dekker-Vargas, Flute & voice

("Leo" from "Tierkreis" comp. Karlheinz Stockhausen & "Hill & Holler" comp. Ledah Finck)

Jason Charney, kalimba & electronics

("Mira Bella")

Lonnie Jordan, voice, harp, 12-string guitar

Russell Fisher & Matt Overbay, Marimba Duo & Steel Drum

(music of Alejandro Viñao + Jazz Tunes)

Patrick McMinn, Trumpet, Modular Synthesizers, Supercollider

March 12, 2017 :

Joey Guidry, bassoon & electronics

("∞¿?" comp. Édgar Guzmán)

Avery Gabbiano, amplified percussion & synthesizer

(electro-acoustic improvisation)

June Pastel, vocals, guitar, keys, trombone, sax

(Original Songs)

Matthew Stiens, Percussion & Tape

("Aphasia" comp. Mark Applebaum)

Derrick Michaels, tenor sax & Liam Hurlbut, tenor sax,

(original compositions for saxophones)

Liam Hurlbut & Derrick Michaels, tenor sax duo

Avery Gabbiano - Amplified Percussion & Synthesizer

June Pastel - "All to Come"

Édgar Guzmán - "∞¿?" p. Joey Guidry, bassoon 

June Pastel - "Time"                                              

December 3, 2016 :

Ledah Finck, violin

(Bach Sarabande into folk improvisation) 

Sam Torres, saxophone & electronics

Sean Campbell, saxophone

("Sick Puppy, Sad Puppy (bad puppy, dead puppy)" comp. David Franzson)

Edwin Huet, live processing & Alex Fournier, double bass

(Electro-Acoustic improvisation on Reversed Franzson)

Christina Manceor, percussion & Nick Saia, guitar

(original compositions for guitar & percussion)

Ledah Finck - Bach Sarabande into Folk Improvisation

"Sick Puppy, Sad Puppy, (bad puppy, dead puppy)" 

Nick Saia - "Admiral Blue" p. Christina Manceor & Nick Saia

Sam Torres - Saxophone + Electronics

Electro-Acoustic Improv - Edwin Huet & Alex Fournier